Seasonal Jobs: Five Reasons to Consider Them

Maria Flores
June 23, 2022

Seasonal work could be the ideal employment arrangement for some people. If you are looking for some freedom, flexibility, and valuable experience, a seasonal job might be what you need in this moment of your life.  

Most companies look for employees that are willing to spend years in the same place, and that are not planning on leaving anytime soon. However, when they just want some help for specific seasons, this job search becomes more interesting.

Why would you want to work for somebody just for a couple of months a year?

Here’s a list of 5 reasons why you should consider it:


1 – Treat it like an internship

Working in a seasonal job gives you the opportunity to get a taste of how it is to work for a specific company, but knowing that it could be just that: a chance to taste the waters.

You get to know the inside of the company, how it actually operates and if it fits what you want to do as a professional. If you like it, you already have your foot in the door. That’s the first and more complicated step.

If you don’t enjoy it that much, you can say thank you for the experience and for the income, and be out by the end of the season to try to find a different place that suits you better.

If you have always thought it would be interesting to try a new field, a seasonal job is a way to do it. They need people soon, and you want something that will give you a real idea of the industry, but that will not tight you up with anybody.


2 – It’s a resume builder

Finding a job after finishing high school or college can be a scary moment. For some, it is a real struggle.

A good way to get it going is trying to get a seasonal job. How many things in life are just easier once you start at some point? Getting a seasonal job can be the first step to finding your ideal workplace.

And this does not only apply to young people. If you have already been working for some years, and are struggling to find a new place to work, a seasonal job can work as a bridge. We all have to pay bills, but besides that, it is also a way of showing future employers that you are willing to get out of your comfort zone and get the job done. Companies value your experience, even if it is not in their field.

If it’s in the same field, well, even better.

3 – Helps you to learn different types of skills

 Companies value experience because they know it’s not just about being knowledgeable in the area you are working for. Learning to work as a team, to perform under pressure, to relate to different types of people, or how to use Word, Excel or PowerPoint can be useful for you as a professional and as a person, and for any type of company in the future that you work for in the future. There is always something to learn when some situations present themselves in your workplace.

A seasonal job can help you learn both mental and physical skills. Make the most of it.

4 – References and Future Opportunities

There are no guarantees, but if you do a good job, your seasonal job employer will likely put a good word in for you when you are applying for a new job and they want a reference. Believe me: They will ask your former employer about your ways, so it’s always good to have a couple of good references. Seasonal jobs can help you with that.

Also, you never know if your seasonal employer will need somebody like you for a full-time position in the same company, or if your boss leaves for a different place and offers you the opportunity of being part of his or her new team there, and/or if a colleague of his if looking for somebody and you fit into the personality they are looking for.


5 – Money and Flexibility

We all work because we need money. Some people get to do what they love, and some others just do what gives them what they need to live. Seasonal jobs are a great way of generating extra income, or any income at all. Maybe you need something on top of your regular shift, or maybe you just need to provide it soon. A seasonal job gives you that opportunity, whatever the case may be.

Some of them are very flexible with their schedules, so you’ll be able to work things out with them. They need to fill in, and you need that extra income. It’s a win-win situation.

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