Look Out for These Workplace Trends in 2022

Maria Flores
June 23, 2022

The pandemic and the new trends have created a very unique ecosystem in the relationship between employers and employees for 2022. 

With millions of workers leaving their jobs for new opportunities in the last trimester of 2021, this beginning of 2022 should bring plenty of changes.

Employers around the world are struggling to retain their employees, and that’s clearly one of the main goals for companies that want to have a successful 2002.

This top priority for many teams and organizations should cause very different working conditions. 

This is some of what analysts are expecting for this year:

1. More availability to do Remote and Hybrid Work

Remote and hybrid work, largely stemming from the pandemic. Millions of workers and companies were forced to find a way to work remotely, and now that they’ve seen this can be accomplished without compromising the well-being of the company, we should expect to see some workers/companies willing to stay working this way. 

This will obviously just apply to certain types of responsibilities. We know not every job or not everybody can work from home, but don’t be surprised if this is an option your company gives you at some point moving forward. 

2. Companies Will Prioritize Employee’s Well-Being

This will always be something companies take into consideration. A good and healthy work environment always helps workers to be more productive in whatever they do. We have enough stress from living in a pandemic, so look for companies trying to avoid stressing workers “too much”. Mental health options, some additional employee benefits, more flexibility, some bonuses and other ways to try to generate a positive workplace atmosphere, like paid time off, will start to show up. 

3. Reskilling and Continued Employee Growth

Finding new employees will not be an easy task, so companies will have to consider their options. One of them will be to retrain actual employees to perform different duties, which will lead to more and more companies trying to find solutions in-house, instead of trying to bring in new people. There will be more openings than usual, and several prospective employees, but this will definitely be an option some companies will adopt: Reskilling within and offering employees continued growth inside the company. 

Companies will change the way they look at skills. Soft skills like management, leadership, critical thinking, creativity or problem solving will be at the core of it. 

4. Greater Use of Artificial Intelligence and Automation

Two terms that may scare some people even today. Machines are transforming the way we achieve our goals. The truth is that these tools have helped humans to improve and expedite internal processes without compromising the presence of the human eye. New technologies will create new jobs and the need for new skills, and the more you know about this “trend”, the better. 

Like we said before, internal processing and learning new skills is an avenue companies will transit. Artificial Intelligence and Automation will just not go away, maybe forever, so just keep learning how to adapt to the new tools as they pop up.  

Our lives were transformed very drastically in the last couple of years, and something similar could happen to your current or future workplace. Just like with everything in life, adapt and survive. Embrace the change and look for ways to keep improving. Keep up with the new avenues available for you. That’s always been a very necessary tool, regardless of your employment status and objectives.

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