Mental Health Benefits from Getting Back to the Office

Maria Flores
June 22, 2022

In the last several months, you might have heard from business leaders and CEOs pushing for their employees to return to the office -- and for the most part, such demands have been met with mediocre enthusiasm. 
But even though, most employees have been somewhat resistant, there are many advantages to returning to shared workspaces!  One of the key perks of a shared workplace, is the much needed human connection and interaction, that unequivocally promotes  teamwork, creativity, culture and camaraderie. 

From a macro perspective, working from home, tends to be more beneficial for the individual; whereas working from the office tends to be more beneficial for the organization. -- And in here lies the dilemma many companies are facing. 

But getting back in the groove of going to the office will yield all sorts of psychological, emotional, and even economic benefits.

It’s easy to see why many people prefer working from home and if you’re dreading going back to the office, here are some ways you can make your 'in-office work-life easier!
(and hopefully, this might serve as a reminder of how in-person work can truly benefit your daily life!)

Social Interaction

People need people. That is science! Getting back to the office will fulfill our natural need for socialization. Michael Mazius, PhD, renowned psychologist and director of North Shore Center in Wisconsin says: Social interactions are crucial to growing our learning and social skills. When we can talk, see and interact with others, we have more of an opportunity to empathize with others. 

Work-life balance

For some, the home office means a lonely, monotonous work-from-home routine, but for others it means a difficult juggling act of working-from-home with kids and/or family - which can interfere with production and accountability.  In either case, separating your work life from your home life allows you to create positive boundaries to achieve a healthier work/life balance. 

Opportunities for growth and creativity

When in a group people are normally motivated to ask for opinions or collaborate when in doubt. It’s satisfying to be in the presence of other people solving problems while advancing toward a common goal, or project.

Career growth

It has been proved that the office environment can give a new or restructured psychological perception about the life and career of the individual. Motivation to conquer spaces, to learn new skills, even to catch new vacancies, it's easier when you are regularly seen at the place where all these opportunities come from and surrounded by people you can learn from.

We have to accept that the pandemic has affected us all, in one way or another, however, all this experience ideally pushes us to be better people and better employees. It also applies to companies and teams, and the current need to redesign the "new normal" in work environments. Having said this, it is evident that this change in socio-labor dynamics and this transition is an incredible opportunity to reaffirm the commitment of companies to employees, and vice versa.

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