The Miami Crypto Job Market Outlook

Maria Flores
January 4, 2022

The crypto world reached South Florida and has picked Miami as one of its emerging hubs. 

A cryptocurrency is a digital currency, which works as an alternative form of payment that is created by using encryption algorithms. Cryptocurrencies work both as a currency and as a virtual accounting system, and in order to use them, you need to own a cryptocurrency wallet. 

The number of jobs created in 2021 is impressive, and in 2022 the industry seems to continue on the same path.  

According to a recent analysis done by LinkedIn, jobs postings related to Crypto activities rose up to 395% in comparison to the 2020 data. 

The tech industry, which also had a boost in 2021, saw an increase of job postings of “only” 98%. 

Cryptocurrencies are here to stay, and the number of job openings related to this industry makes it clear: if you’re looking for a new avenue in your career, this is a field in which you might want to explore. 

The Miami - Fort Lauderdale area is, since 2021, and along with San Francisco, Austin, Denver, and New York, one of the top cities with crypto-related job postings. 

Miami even has its own cryptocurrency, the MiamiCoin. 

What type of jobs are available?

Blockchain developers and blockchain engineers are the top listings, as most of the jobs are related to engineering, software, and finance roles, while you can also find openings related to areas like accounting, staffing, hardware, and consulting. 

A blockchain developer can earn around $150,000 a year in the United States, doubling what an average web developer makes.

But before you go ahead and start applying for a crypto job, make sure you know what you’re getting into. 

Get as much information as you can about this new industry, the types of cryptocurrencies, their market trends, and how they actually work. If you’re able to, maybe even try experimenting with it, with your own money (a small amount, of course).

There are several websites, such as,, and that can help you understand the basics of it and see if this is something you can be interested in. 

Then, after you are informed enough about the matter, and decide this is something you would like to pursue, remember the key elements of getting into a new field without much experience in it. 

Commit to this decision, determine which of your soft and hard skills can be helpful in this new area, look for those positions in which your previous knowledge can be of use, earn your certifications and reconstruct your resume, be open to start from the bottom up and get as much experience as you can. 

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