How to Increase Your Company's Candidate Engagement

Maria Flores
May 31, 2022

A consistent flow of passive candidates interacting with your company is a key element to having highly qualified candidates as well as a wide base of applicants as options for future roles in your company. Compensation, expectation mismatch, and lack of effective communication are some of the more common reasons for post-offer dropouts and no-shows. 

Let’s review some ways to improve candidate engagement:

1. Promote your Brand 

Your brand’s social media profiles must showcase the most positive aspects of your company and/or brand as possible. If possible, portray how the daily routine of the company looks like and highlight success stories of people growing within the company, to motivate possible candidates. 

2. Have Clear Descriptions and Career Growth Opportunities

Make sure your job descriptions are not too lengthy and are very clear about the responsibilities and what would be expected from them. If you can, allow prospective candidates to interact with some of your workers, so they can learn more about your company’s culture and how they can be successful there. Just don’t overdo it. 

3. Show as much as you can on your career page

Welcome candidates, and engage them immediately with multimedia content. Short videos and fun content, if it is relatable to your company’s values, always help. An interesting career page will help you with your candidate’s engagement.  

4. Be Transparent and Define a Timeline

Candidates will always appreciate when they know where they are standing when they apply for a position. Divide group emails for those who just applied, those who were selected for a second round, and those who do not fit this particular role, but may be of help in the future for another job opening. Use templates to save time, but always try to add some touch, especially if you want those people to keep you as an option in the future.   

5. Communicate Constantly

Candidates will lose interest fairly quickly if they do not know about you for too many days. A week could be too much time, so be careful and keep monitoring and contacting your candidates. Besides letting them know where they stand, offer to answer as many questions and possible concerns, so they feel valued. 

6. Ask For Feedback

Try to learn about the candidate experience from your own candidates. How do they see the company from the outside? Did your company’s process meet their expectations? How optimal is the recruiting process? Most of your candidates probably will not be selected, but they can be very useful for you, and they can keep you as an option if they feel they are being taken into consideration. Some candidates will also ask for your feedback on why they were not selected, so it is a win-win situation.

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