A powerful vision board to get your dream job

Maria Flores
June 23, 2022

A powerful vision board to get your dream job

A vision board is a collage of images and words representing a person's wishes or goals, intended to serve as inspiration or motivation. This tool has many purposes but mostly used to help individuals visualize their desires to help them achieve long term life goals. This is a great place to start, when working towards landing your dream job.

It's important to note, vision boards are not magic!  Although, it’s a powerful tool, and the whole process of putting a board together is unique. But assembling one, won’t get you to the work-life of your dreams. It's just a tool to help you visualize your desires and subconsciously feel the satisfaction of achieving your career goals. Here are just a few reasons why they work:

It is tangible. 

Creating a vision board helps you to conceive of, and focus on, real and tangible goals. Having specific objectives, rather than looser ideas like “I wish I was happier at work”, for example. It helps you to make progress.

It serves as a reminder. 

Seeing your vision board every day keeps your career goals close at hand. You will not forget them, even when you’re caught up in the to-dos of a busy day.

Visualization works. 

Visualizing what you want, and what you’re working toward, can help you get where you want to be.

So, hands on! First, you must start by defining your goals. What kind of job are you looking for? How do you see yourself in 2 or 5 years from now? What kind of company do you want to get into? Which are the must-haves that you do want from a work environment? Those are some of the questions you could answer to have a better idea of your goals and the growth that you are aspiring for. Don’t forget to write it down.

Having that clear, it’s time to get deeper. Maybe you want to try a different industry, or you want help from a staffing agency; or instead, you want a whole new position in the same industry where you are working now. The next step for building your vision board is inspiration. You must dig in on those questions you just answered to get the keywords, images, color palette, and even the logo of that company or photographs that you associate with your ideal job, and maybe the stage of the career that you are looking for. In this step, we recommend you to be as creative as you can, find your inspiration, and include ideas and resources such as books, newspapers and magazines.

Once you have all the planning and previewing of your board, it’s time to map it out. On one hand, these steps will help you to be allied with your intentions, because when you are out there pursuing job opportunities or talking to a recruiter about “who you are” and “what you want to create in your career”, the more clear with who you are, the easier is going to be connecting your purpose with the right people and them, the right job.

On the other hand, it will help you to make decisions too. Ask yourself, does this job, or this opportunity, company, or any other aspect of your search, will fit on my vision board? Because if it doesn't, then that’s a good indicator that taking that decision is going to take you away from where you want to go. This also will help you to decide the do’s and don’ts of your job search. Be sure to think about how your career will make you feel in the future when making your selections. Don’t just focus on what you want to get.

The last but creative part of this is bringing your vision board to life. Having all your ideas written down, now it's time to draw, write, picture, and design this board according to what you are looking for and your professional goals.

After you have finished your career vision board, your work has just begun. When you see your career vision board, take a few seconds to reimagine your goals, and experience the feelings associated with the images and ideas, too. 

A career vision board can help you achieve your professional goals. However, this will only be true if you do your visualization work together with active search, everyday. You have to take the necessary steps in your life to get where you want to be.

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