How to Adapt to The Great Resignation Era in 2022

Maria Flores
January 5, 2022

Job losses, layoffs, and staffing reductions. That is what recruiters have been dealing with in the last year or so, and now, everything seems to be shifting. Today, the United States is finally seeing a return to early 2020 employment numbers, with the economic recovery allowing many companies to increase staffing levels faster than they anticipated six months ago.

Organizations are hiring more in comparison to 2020, but the candidates' and employees' priorities and expectations have changed. We are witnessing an era in which they are picking workplaces where they feel supported and valued, as their confidence continues to rise. This “revolution” has empowered candidates, so recruiters are facing new challenges to attract the best talent available out there. 

Workers are demanding flexibility and remote work options more and more frequently. The pandemic helped companies to evaluate employees can be very productive working from their homes, with a more flexible schedule, and candidates know this, so this is something they will expect now. If you are not flexible, it will probably be harder for you to attract potential candidates. Hybrid, fully remote, and/or remote-first culture options are here to stay. 

They are also wanting to be part of an inclusive work environment, so make sure Diversity and Inclusion continue to be key elements of your workplace culture. Set goals for this department, and this will open up more opportunities to attract better candidates.  

Tips to adapt to this new era: 

#1: An agile recruiting strategy

This will allow your recruiting team to remain flexible and adjust to the way the market is changing. The more agile your system is, the easier it will be for it and your team to adapt to the changes. Increasing your budget if possible, outsourcing more jobs to freelancers, hiring internally more often, not relying so much on candidate’s experience but on cultural fit, and increasing the use of techniques or tools like texting or automatizations in the recruiting process are ways to make it more agile. 

#2: The use of social media

Social media and employer branding continue to be vital in recruitment marketing efforts. Keep trying to find your ideal candidates using social sites to post your job openings, reach passive talent, build the company’s brand and learn more about the candidates. 

#3: Increase the salaries

If possible, offer more salary and better benefits. Candidates will negotiate with you, asking for higher wages up to 20%. Be a step ahead. Show them how much you increased your offer compared to previous years. If you want to compete for the top talent out there to increase your revenues, you will have to invest more in your own payroll. 

The ball is on the organization’s court at this moment, and it is their time to adapt and excel in this process strategically. Meet with your team and figure out what’s the proper path for your company is trying to align with some of the candidates' values, priorities, and necessities. 

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