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NewVine Employment Group offers several business services to help your company thrive without the major costs of overhead. Let NewVine handle the time and research while your team flourishes.
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Business Services

NewVine Employment Group takes great pride in getting to know your business to understand what you look for in a quality employee. After understanding how your business operates, we then begin a detailed search tailored to your company to find the perfect candidate to join your team.


By placing your trust in NewVine Employment Group, and utilizing our services, you will automatically eliminate expensive advertising costs and save valuable hours and man-power from sifting through resumes and interviewing unqualified candidates.


To ensure your new employee is also positioned for success, we offer each one of our applicants safety training, workplace etiquette, consultation, and proper work-site equipment.


NewVine even offers pre-employment testing, drug screening, and background investigations at the hiring business’s request.

The Best Solution For Your Business


    • Executive Search & Pre-Screening

    • Direct-Hire Recruitment


    • Temporary Employee Placement
    • Permanent Employee Recruitment


    • Payroll
    • Worker’s Compensation/General Liability

  • Light-Industrial

    Warehouse, Forklift, Production, Quality Control, Manufacturing and Shipping/Receiving

  • Commercial Drivers

    Class A & B truck drivers, Box Truck drivers and Dry-Van drivers

  • Commercial Security Services

    Class D & Class G Security Guards

  • Administrative & Clerical

    Accounting, Administrative Assistants, Customer Service, Data Entry, Sales, etc.

  • Food Service

    Bartenders, Dishwashers, Event Set-up, Line Cooks, Prep Cooks, Servers, etc.

  • IT & Professional Services

    IT Assistance, Network Solutions, System Administration and Technical Support

Benefits of Working with NewVine

  1. Improved Productivity – NewVine’s temporary laborers can help increase worksite productivity by avoiding over-working your current full-time employees.
  2. Decreased Costs – Utilize our temporary staff as you need! As they are employed through NewVine, you have no commitment of a 40-hour work week, which in-turn reduces overhead costs such as health benefits and over-time as you would with a normal employee
  3. “Test Drives” – Sometimes we think we hired the perfect candidate, but in the end they just didn’t fit well with our company’s culture. With no additional commitment, NewVine employees let you “test” out a candidate before hiring them prematurely.
  4. Prevent Unemployment Claims – NewVine Employment Group’s staff are employees of NewVine and do not require temporary employee filings for unemployment once your services have ended. You and your HR manager will thank us later.
  5. Expand Your Flexibility – NewVine’s temporary staff can help create flexibility within your company by covering for your regular employees who may be out of the office due to: illness, vacation, maternity leave, or personal matters. You can be sure that your business will have the support it needs without the commitment of hiring another permanent employee.